St. Joseph's Medical Trust Anchal
Mother Concern : Society of Daughters of Mary, St Mary's Province, Trivandrum.

The vision of late Archbishop Mar Ivanios the first Arch Bishop of Syro Malankara Catholic Church and the commitment of the -Congregation of Daughters of Mary in the healing ministry lead to the beginning of St. Joseph's Mission Hospital.

It was established on May 17, 1953 by the Congregation of Daughters of Mary , a charitable society which was registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, scientific and charitable societies registration act of 1955 in 1974. Though it was started as a small clinic, the mustard seed of humanitarian and philanthropic service took deep roots and branched out to be a full-grown tree. Today, it has become a vast health care centre consisting of 300 beds hospital with almost all specialties along with two daughter institutions- St. Joseph's College of Nursing and St. Joseph's School of Nursing.

St. Joseph's Medical Trust was registered as a Charitable Trust in 2001 and re registered in 2011. This entity was founded in 1953 with the avowed objective of providing Medical care at moderate charges. The hospital is established with the intention of and inspired by the ideals of Congregation of the Daughters of Mary providing Medical assistance and care to people irrespective of caste, creed, religion and financial status. We provide free treatment for poor patients and conduct Community health promotion programmes ever since its establishment.


A healthy society, where human dignity is valued with justice, peace and love irrespective of caste creed and religion.


Health care ministry brings Jesus and his compassionate healing touch closer to the patients. We draw our inspiration from Jesus Christ the divine healer and address the health needs of the people at various levels to bring holistic healing. It envisages a healthy society where people especially the poor and marginalized attain and maintain holistic well being and live in harmony with creator, with self, with one another and with the environment.


Pain and Palliative Care Patients

Pain and Palliative service was initiated in 2002 with the recognition and supervision of Regional Cancer Center Thiruvananthapuram with the intention of improving the quality of life of patients suffering from incurable and chronic diseases N./ (cancer). We have been providing Palliative Care and pain relief service free of cost since 2002. 25 beds are set apart to the Pain and Palliative Care Department of the hospital.

  • To provide Palliative care to incurable cancer Patients
  • To apply Pain relief systems in ward and home.
  • To detect cancer at its early stages.
  • To provide awareness to community regarding Prevention and control of cancer.
  • To prepare incurable disease patients for a peaceful death.
Awareness Programmes and Special Camps

Awareness is the primary step to a healthy world. With this in mind, St. Joseph's Mission Hospital has organized various awareness programmes like 'School Health Programmes', 'Pro-life Awareness Programmes', 'Need of Blood Donation' and special medical camps where organized for disease detection like:

  • ECG Test
  • Blood Pressure check up
  • Pulmonary Function Test.
  • Blood Group Detection.
  • Cancer Detection and Screening
  • Tuberculosis Screening Caiy.
  • Hepatitis B Screening
  • Osteophoresis detection
  • Kidney related disease detection.
  • ENT, Eye

An ENT damp was organized on 14.08.2013 in association with Amplifion. 26th of June '2014 was observed as International Day on Drug Abbuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Pro-life Activity

A dedicated team is working for the Mother and Child Health Care Promotion in the hospital The main objectives of this include motivation and counseling to reduce the abortion rate and also providing counseling against the killing attitude and inhume activities of people against their brotherhood.

Practical training for Women

Our hospital takes initiative to provide training facilities for the uplifitment of women in the society. Practical training exposure is given on Lab, X-Ray, and Nursing assistance. We consider it as a social activity and our responsibility to uplift women and provide them with better job opportunities.

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